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Brad Pitt wears a skirt at the premiere

The movie star in an airy look at the movie premiere

Brad Pitt in a skirt on the red carpet

Brad Pitt made costumes at the German premiere of his latest movie “Bullet Train”.

Hollywood star turns into “rock” star: American film star Brad Pitt (58) surprised last night on the red carpet in Berlin with an airy look. At the German premiere of his movie Bullet Train, the Academy Award winner appeared in a knee-length brown linen skirt, rocking shoes, sunglasses and thick wool socks. Pete wore a matching jacket, button-down shirt, and a gold chain.

This isn’t the first time Pete has worn a skirt. Back in the ’90s, the movie star loved the airy and cool fashion style and featured in said piece of clothing several times. In 2004, Pitt predicted the true men’s rock trend when his hit movie “Troy” was released. “Soon all men will be wearing skirts,” the movie star explained with a wink. That’s how much he liked the look of the Greek soldier with an apron while filming the action scene. Also at the end of June, Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband, 47, appeared in a photo series for men’s magazine GQ wearing a men’s knee-length skirt.