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Brad Pitt rages over a deal with Russian billionaire: Zoff with Angelina Jolie

You did not give him pure wine: Brad Pitt (58) sued Angelina Jolie (47) in February 2022 because his ex-wife had secretly sold and allegedly illegally sold her stake in French winery Château Miraval. According to the Daily Mail, Pitt’s lawyers have now submitted documents alleging bad intent in selling Jolie.

It is said that Angelina Jolie was motivated solely by the desire to “hurt Brad Pitt”. Because Jupiter Yuri Scheffler (54 years old) is a “Russian oligarch with bad intentions.” According to court documents obtained by the British newspaper, Scheffler is said to be plotting to take full control of the multi-million dollar winery and oust Pete. Scheffler owns the SPI Group, which produces and sells alcohol under 380 brands in 170 countries, according to Forbes. The most famous brand is Stolichnaya vodka.