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BR Volleys' kicks cement their place at the top of the table: why air balls have so many reasons to celebrate - sport

BR Volleys’ kicks cement their place at the top of the table: why air balls have so many reasons to celebrate – sport

Volleyball has had reason to celebrate the past few days, in many ways. On the one hand, they celebrated their 10th anniversary with an over the top match against Friedrichshafen, and on the other hand they won 3-0 and remained undefeated in the season.

Volleys managing director Kaweh Niroomand, who also celebrated his birthday on Saturday, was especially happy after the match: the win was a valuable gift and he was very satisfied with the team.

It could also be: Driven by the Champions League win last week, the aerial balls began to be clearly driven and increased from group to group. Particularly in the block they showed outstanding actions and made it difficult for Friedrichshafen to escape attacks. “Our first pace was very good,” said outside striker Robin Schott. Mid-rangers Jeffrey Jendrick and Nehemiah Mott did a “really good job”. “This was very important for our team.”

There are many reasons why the air balls have not been defeated this season. These include new deals such as Scott or Santiago D’Anani, who bring more stability to acceptance, as well as Jeffrey Jendrick, who always excels at handling captain Serge Grankin.

The aerial balls have also grown as a team very fast and look very harmonious. “I have a feeling that everyone can count on the other. If you don’t have such a great day, someone else will jump into the rags for you and take more responsibility,” Schütte said. Lots of time together off the field of play.

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At the same time, aerial balls are superior to other Bundesliga clubs in terms of their professionalism. Your long-term rival Friedrichshafen, for example, was without a hall at the start of the season because he was in danger of collapsing. The team had to move to Neu-Ulm without further ado. This is also reflected in the table, where VfB is currently only ranked fifth.

Thanks to the clash of Ruben Schott (left) and Santiago Danani, the aerial balls are now much more stable in admission.Photo: photo

However, Neromand points out: “Friedrichshafen is getting better as the season progresses. They can serve very well and put pressure on their opponents.”

However, Robin Schot still sees elements that could be improved: “Assuming we are not quite as stable as at the start of the season, this is also due to the fact that teams are taking a complete risk against us. More can be focused.”
Above all, Neromand praises mass and defence. However, he has the impression that the team always needs some time “to get used to the level of serving that is difficult to assume.”

Also in the Champions League match against Serbia’s champion Novi Sad and in Group A against Friedrichshafen. “We had some admission errors there. We always need a period of time to break the race and we have to be careful not to lose the game to a good team,” warns Neromand.
Volleyballs sure have time to work on their adoption this week. This weekend she will head to Bavaria, where matches against Hutching and Hirsching will be held. The following week, the team had a guest appearance in Lisbon.