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Boxing: Big Chance!  Artem Harutyunyan in Las Vegas for the first time |  sports

Boxing: Big Chance! Artem Harutyunyan in Las Vegas for the first time | sports

In 2016, Artem Harutyunyan (32) won the bronze medal at the Rio Olympics. After that, the boxer switched to professionals. His big dream: to box in the United States – and to become a world champion!

Part 1 is now a reality: undefeated Man of the Universe (12 wins/7 knockouts) will fight Frank “The Ghost” Martin (28/USA) in Las Vegas on April 22nd. Harutyuyan is ranked ninth in the WBC’s prestigious lightweight (61.2 kilograms) with undefeated Martin (17 wins/12 KOs) also sixth. The winner moves into third place – and he’s within striking distance of the world championship battle!

“I’m excited, really excited,” Hamburger said before the fight of his life. “There will be many more coming my way.”

Harutyunyan boxes in the pre-program for the massive fight between Gervonta Davis (28) and Ryan Garcia (24). The T-Mobile arena will be packed with 20,000 fans. “This is rude. I want to introduce myself and show who I am,” says Harutyunyan, who is going to the United States for the first time.

The father of the family does not feel any pressure. “I’m preparing as I always do, I just started sparring earlier. The only problem is that I haven’t gotten to boxing for almost a year.” In June 2022 he defeated Humberto Galindo (23/Mexico) in Hamburg. Then there were no suitable opponents at first, and then Harutyunyan had to miss a chance in February due to a stubborn cold …

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But it was worth the wait. “It took a lot of time. I hope this is now my ticket to the great battles.”