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Bouchelot has to make way: footballers lose their place in the domestic league - sports

Bouchelot has to make way: footballers lose their place in the domestic league – sports

Pforzheim. Final decision in the domestic league in Pforzheim: Bauchelot must be relegated to the first division as the fifth team after beating Germania Singen 2-2. After the match it went well.

Bachelot – vocals 2:2. And at the end of the relegation match, which was characterized by nervousness, Bouchlott took the lead in the 44th minute through Michael Reich. But in return, Sasha Reuter made the match equal again. Eden Yelkenkayalar again took the lead in the 47th minute, but this time Sengen saved Kim Kokaoka with three pointers later. At Bauschlott, striker Jonas Striegel had to go down in the 16th minute, and Singen also had to replace injured top player Jonathan Geeffler. Towards the end of the match, there was a frantic pace in the spectators’ area. On the other hand, it can be said soberly where the big problem lies in Bayern: in 36 matches, there were 17 draws. Ten defeats worth less than fourth-placed FV Niefern.

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Nevern – Auchilbronn 2:2. In the domestic duel, FV Niefern appeared to be on the way to victory at the break – after a penalty by Jonas Schöpf (23th minute) and a shot by Julian Schöpf (32). Shortly before the break, Elvis Ursulik of Ochelbrunn managed to catch up. Ivan Sikuriga, the FVÖ record specialist, finally equalized in the 64th minute with a penalty kick.

Grunbach – kickers Pforzheim 1:1. As in the preliminary round, there was a 1-1 draw between Grunbach and the Kickers. When I was ready for a zero on the final day of the match, Jorkim sent Jonasan Grunbach forward in the 77th minute. Then, the SV Kickers started the attack and only four pointers later secured the equalizer again through Yasin Aktas.

GU-Turkish SV Pforzheim – Buckenberg 7:1. No leniency from the champs with FSV Buckenberg, who were still vulnerable initially. Half an hour later, Jeunsuu led 4-0 after goals by Jim Tatar (2), Tekken Orhan and Mert Kizilarlan. After Dennis Korzoch cut the lead in the 31st minute, Keen recreated the old gap before the break. Edu Perez added two more goals in the 70th and 73rd minutes.

Fatihspor Pforzheim – Wurmberg 0:3. TSV Wurmberg ended their relegation fight by defeating Fatihspor. Julian Hill took care of the guest tour (8th minute). Then the advantages to Fachpur that did not find loopholes again. Mark Sunley let him congratulate 2-0 after an hour. Jannic Conle made it all clear (85th place).

Weiler – Guberration 4:2. Feiler, who was relegated to the second division, showed his stamina, not only thanks to Dustin Gunther (31/63), he equaled the weakness of the leadership of his guest Roberto Correira (third) and Hervoja Nezic (58th). Late goals awarded Patrick Eberle (84/86) the home side’s victory

Wildbad – Knittlingen 4: 0. Farewell to the regional league, a clear success for the Badstadt team: Nikolai Teufel led 1-0 in the 31st minute. After the change, a double hit by David Fehr (65/68). Niklas Knaus added another goal in the 78th minute.

Walnut – Dettlingen 0:3. After four consecutive defeats, Dettlingen once again emphasized his away qualities: Moritz Bosch and Robin Brandt gave the visitors a 2-0 lead by the 21st minute. Right before the halftime whistle, Brandt made everything Baletti.

Conweller/Schwann – Hamburg Isolation.