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Bottom lashes are back now

Bottom lashes are back now

Eyelashes 2022: Lower Lashes is now celebrating its comeback

Up is the new down! Manal HBO TV Euphoria Follow closely you will have spotted the trend of eyelash long ago. Wonder what we’re talking about? We will enlighten you.

What are lower eyelashes?

In the past, lower eyelashes were often neglected. Little or hardly any mascara was used. That will change in 2022 – Mostly thanks to Cassie and Maddie. Heroes of the TV series Euphoria.

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How are the lower eyelashes formed?

In this lash direction, the focus is on the lower lashes. Whether it’s false eyelashes à la Twiggy, eye-catching eyeliner, eye shadow or playful accessories like Swarovski’s studs, pearls or sequins. Anything that pleases is permitted. If you like it more natural, you can simply apply more mascara to your lower lashes than usual IMPORTANT: You should take your time so that the eyelash trend is really convincing. Lower eyelashes do not forgive mistakes and unclean work.

Tutorial: This is how lower eyelashes are formed

Applying makeup on the lower eyelashes is not difficult. How to create lower eyelashes with eyeliner can be seen in this tutorial: