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Bottlenose dolphin poachers kill 100 dolphins in the Faroe Islands

Bottlenose dolphin poachers kill 100 dolphins in the Faroe Islands

  • According to media reports and animal rights activists, about 100 dolphins were killed in the Faroe Islands.
  • Radio Faroese reported that the animals were seen in Skalavfjord on Friday and killed in the morning hours.
  • According to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Organization (WDC), the animals killed were bottlenose dolphins.

Dolphins live in narrow social units of 100 to 200 animals. According to animal protection organizations, hunting may have wiped out such a social unit.

The animals are protected in the European Union – because the Faroe Islands belong to Denmark, but are largely self-governing and not a member of the European Union, these rules do not apply to the islands.

Fishing class for dolphins 500 animals

For OceanCare, the hunt for the animals is an “extra level of escalation.” Bottlenose dolphins were pushed ashore and brutally killed.

Scientific Director, Mark Symonds, criticized the hunt, saying, “According to the records, there has only been one bottlenose dolphin killed in the Faroe Islands in the past 10 years. So it’s a very dramatic and tragic turn of events.”


Killing dolphins in the Faroe Islands (photo album)

Keystone/C Shepherd

“All species of dolphins are very sensitive and their intelligence is well known. It follows that the members of this large group were well aware that they were being chased and that their companions were in pain around them.”

Whaling in the Faroe Islands

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Whaling (“grindadrap”) is a centuries-old tradition on the islands in the North Atlantic, which belong to the Danish kingdom but are largely autonomous. Pilot whales are mainly killed, but sometimes dolphins are killed. According to Faroe Islands statistics, a total of 576 pilot whales and 35 white-faced dolphins were killed in 2020, much less than the bottlenose dolphins.

Only recently, the Faroe Islands government announced that it will introduce a fishing quota for hunting white-faced dolphins. A maximum of 500 of these animals can be hunted in the current and next year each year.