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Borsch ice cream: special colors for licking

Borsch ice cream: special colors for licking

Porsche is celebrating National Ice Cream Day in the United States with a limited edition ice cream inspired by custom paint colors.

National Ice Cream Day is celebrated in the United States on July 17. And in 2022, Porsche North America will celebrate the icy snow. In collaboration with Chicago-based ice cream maker Pretty Cool Ice Cream, the sports car maker is releasing five flavors of elegant ice cream. They are based on the Porsche color program that the sports car manufacturer offers for its cars.

Five items on display

In the future, Porsche fans will also be able to lick their brand in a limited edition. There are varieties to choose from

  • Green Mint: Green mint biscuits and ice cream with a mint green chocolate crust.
  • Red Strawberry: Cream cheese ice cream dipped in a red strawberry crust. Made with real freeze-dried strawberries.
  • Macadamia Metallic: Toasted macadamia ice cream in a glossy macadamia chocolate shell.
  • Frozen Berry Metallic: Black raspberry ice cream in a sparkling ruby ​​red chocolate crust.
  • Lime Gold Metallic: Key lime pie ice cream in a shiny golden caramel shell.


    Porsche associates individual flavors with special Porsche models.

Ice creams should not only look very close to the original Porsche colors, but, of course, also taste very tasty. Borsch ice cream was only available on National Ice Cream Day at the Pops Ice Cream Kiosk in Chicago. Throughout the year, handcrafted ice cream flavors will be offered at select Porsche events.

“This has been an exciting project and we hope it brings smiles to our customers, just like the custom colors available in all of our cars. We really thought there wasn’t much more cool than our custom colors, but this ice cream ice cream treats,” said Aisha Coker, Vice President of Marketing for Porsche Cars North. America, “She might just have that kick.”

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Porsche 911992 Green Viper

green snake

Porsche Taycan 4SR Star Ruby

star ruby

Porsche Taycan M47 Amethyst Metallic

metallic amethyst

Porsche Panamera 22 Liter Green Oak Metallic

metallic green oak


Porsche celebrates National Ice Cream Day in the United States with five specially designed ice cream sticks. Their flavors are based on the Porsche Color Programme. Definitely delicious to lick.