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Boris Johnson with a senior partner in the United States

MyRecently it seemed that Britain could move closer to “Europe” again. In London, criticism of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was particularly harsh. They also expressed doubts as to whether British politicians could still rely on world power. They have been quiet since the signing of the security agreement with the United States and Australia; The question, as has ever been asked, is made clear where the state is best in terms of security policy: “Global Britain” America’s junior partner, no longer, no less.

On a trip to the United States, Prime Minister Johnson will feel a little excited about the new security deal, which is making France very angry and those involved could be more diplomatic. It is also difficult to see why France was not included in the strategic discussions. So there must be some time for the French anger to subside and politics no longer have a thirst for revenge.

In the United States, however, Johnson faces an issue that indirectly affects France: the effects of Brexit on Northern Ireland. It would not be funny if many American politicians, including President Biden, did not seek Johnson’s agreement on the current dispute with the EU. He may cancel the trade agreement with Washington. Speaking of which: the prospects for an agreement between the EU and Australia have not improved.