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Boris Johnson vs. Angela Merkel: Why the British are leaving economically now

Gabor Steingart’s Guest Contribution: The Fast Track: Why Boris Johnson’s British Are Now Economically Behind Us

Boris Johnson and his British need not understand. But if you look at the island, you can’t see what’s going on and what’s going on in epidemics more than Germany. Despite Brexit, Great Britain is currently on an economic fast track.

To identify themselves well, the vain look in the mirror, and the wise look over the garden fence. The Germans should make us think of what we see there, especially when we wander into the distance and see the British Isles. The country that left the EU is currently performing better than all the other major categories Europe The largest economy. Here are four aspects of the uncomfortable reality:

1. The mother of all economic successes of epidemics is the speed of vaccination. The country led by Boris Johnson achieves significantly better results in this discipline than the Federal Republican Angela Merkel. In Great Britain, more than twice the total population is fully vaccinated: 40 per cent and 19.5 per cent. Before the lock rises.

Johnson’s Development Machinery and Service Department

2. In terms of the economy, the rapid immunity of the population is a decisive stimulus. Not surprisingly: the development engine of British Is changing faster than Germany. The local economy is expected to grow by 5.3 percent in 2021 and 5.1 percent in 2022. Germany is also growing, but slowly. We learn: The EU’s greatest advantages over British foreigners have not progressed from political talks to economic realities.

3. In particular, the British service sector, which all politicians in this country have said will be affected just like Brexit Dog, Increases significantly. The highest growth rate in 24 years will be measured here in 2021. The Financial Times writes: “Really exciting event. “

Labor surpassed: Johnson is creating new jobs on the island

4. Ordinary workers and small white-collar workers also benefit. Thanks to lower unemployment rates (see graphic), prosperity in Great Britain will increase faster in 2021 than in Germany. The Conservative prime minister was correspondingly high on opinion polls against Labor, and he has long since resigned.

Conclusion: We don’t have to copy the British way, but we have to understand it. The nation-state, which has declared several German politicians dead, seems to be very much alive on the island. You get the feeling that the corpse is laughing at us.

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