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Boris Johnson intervenes in controversy over book about royals

Boris Johnson intervenes in controversy over book about royals

King Charles (75) and Princess Kate (41) were identified as royals in the Dutch translation of author Omit Skopje’s book “Endgame”, according to consistent reports from major British media such as the BBC and the “Guardian”. Prince Harry, 39, and Duchess Meghan, 42, were accused of making assumptions about the skin color of their then-unborn son Archie, four.

The allegations surfaced in a sensational interview with American talk show legend Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. Meghan did not want to reveal the names of the accused royals at the time because it would be too damaging to them. According to Megan, the conversations revolved around how dark her baby’s skin will be and what that means.

It was initially not clear why only the names could be read in the Dutch version. Editor Scobie insisted that he had not submitted the book containing the names. However, the Dutch translators also insisted that they had not added anything. The Dutch publisher withdrew the book.

Johnson, however, found the alleged speculation about Archie’s skin color, which he mocked as “the prince,” harmless. The allegations were “another example of the process by which normal human thought patterns and behavior are condemned, demonized and removed from the acceptable canon,” the conservative politician wrote.