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Boris Coulardi and his mysterious guardian

Boris Coulardi and his mysterious guardian

Boris Collardi and Louise Masterson of One Heart, One Soul. Who is the woman who sits on several boards related to the former banker?

The answer is still open. Masterson has her own company, 3 dots services, LLC with 4 offices in the last 7 years.

First in Zurich in Seefeld, then at the second address in Seefeld, since 2017 in the canton of Neuchâtel, for a year and a half now in Geneva.

At Collardi’s side for 15 years (Skyviews)

Masterson states that her job is to manage “the assets of families and businessmen through the family office and private fund.”

She has been doing this since 2014. She was previously an Executive Director at Julius Baer & Co Bank in Singapore.

She holds a “Master’s in International Relations” from the University of Geneva, and in 2014 she received a “STEP” diploma in “International Trust Management”.

Resume can only be partially verified. There is no Louise Masterson in the online STEP database, but Louise Masterson in Ireland.

Masterson did not respond to a LinkedIn contact. Her colleague, Zurich lawyer Andreas Cassot of Niederer Kraft Frey (NKF), said of her role:

Ms. Masterson oversees Boris Coulardi’s corporate affairs. We are protesting in all its forms against the baseless accusations that you have made.”

Certified attorney: a. cassette (NCF)

A spokesman for Boris Coulardi said:

“On behalf of Mr. Coulardi, I can confirm that Louise Masterson has overseen his own companies on a part-time basis for many years. He does not comment further on these private obligations.”

Masterson’s mandate was for Boris Coulardi several years ago a favour. At that time, it was about the private companies of the banker, who was at the head of Julius Baer in Zurich.

Collardi has had several companies he has appeared in, as well as legal counsel Casutt, most notably trustee Masterson.

“Any private activities of our CEO are non-public and non-business matters,” Bär-Bank said at the time. The special nature of the engagements must be “respected”.

Five and a half years ago, the bank said, everything is fine. “For people who have a legitimate interest (…), these potential obligations are transparent. Talking about “hidden” activities is absolutely groundless.”

“The Art Ecosystem”: Consultant B. Collardi (Artmin)

What was only known to insiders at the time was partially officially made visible after it was published in October 2016. That’s how Boris Collardi appeared in “Artmyn,” a digital art company, as well as in Skyviews Life Science, where Collardi said “institutional” he heard.

Masterson is on the board of another Skyviews company, Skyviews Investments. She was also a member of Artmyn’s board of directors from 2018 to 2022.

Also interesting is the short guest appearance of Guardian Masterson at Ticino SES at Paolo Spalluto. The financial woman held a seat on the board when SES was founded in July 2018, and left the board again in November 2018.

Boris Collardi appeared at the SES event two years ago. A photo appears next to the company’s owner, Banker Spaloto, in his sinister style.

First Collardi, then Masterson (SES)

Masterson’s commitment to TPIO, an acronym for “Private Investment Office,” is pivotal for the former banker. Boris Coulardi collected his various activities there; Basically his family’s office.

Attorney Cassut is the president of TPIO, Louise Masterson is a member, both since their founding in the spring of 2015. The company was headquartered at the time in Schindellegi SZ, next door to Boris Collardi’s home.

Five years later, in the spring of 2020, TPIO moved away from tax haven Feusisberg-Schindellegi to Zug, another desirable location for financial vehicles, because government fees seem acceptable.

As with the old headquarters, the new headquarters appears to have become a center of attraction in the center of Zug.

In any case, not only is the headquarters of the aforementioned Skyviews Investments AG, but also Legend Partners, a new company in which Louise Masterson takes the presidency.

Another newly formed joint stock company appears with Collardi’s trusted trustee: Golden Oak AG. Masterson also serves as a member of its board of directors, currently seated with a trust company, Mattig-Suter in Schwyz.

The narrow and winding path of Colardi and Masterson may have started in Singapore.

In the Asian financial center, he was the trustee of CS “Head Booking Center”. Collardi, for his part, served as the right-hand man for then-CS Asia manager Alex Widmer.

Widmer became the head of private banking for the bear in 2005 and brought in Collardi. Mrs. Masterson was also in tow. According to her LinkedIn, she left Zürcher Bank at the end of 2014 and became self-employed.

A little later, the name Collardi Bär-intern lit up on his own commitments. At the end of 2017, Collardi abruptly left his executive job at Bär Bank and became a partner in Geneva-based Pictet.

Stayed there for less than 3 years. He’s been building himself since last summer stock network – With commitments in the EFG private bank, in the Italian football club Lecce, in a beauty company.