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Boris Becker may be banned from Great Britain!

Boris Becker may be banned from Great Britain!

Boris Becker may be banned from Great Britain. The former German champion, winner of six Grand Slam tournaments, was sentenced by Southwark Judge Deborah Taylor on April 29 to 30 months in prison for fraudulent bankruptcy, but her troubles did not end there.

In fact, Becker will now be expelled from Great Britain. The rule is based on a statement from the British Home Office, which clarified without naming Boris Becker: “Any foreigner convicted of a criminal offense is liable to be deported as soon as possible.”

Since Brexit came into force on December 31, 2020, EU immigration law has been tightened and the risk to the former Liemen champ continues to rise as the charges against Becker continue after this date. To The Guardian.

For his part, the three-time Wimbledon winner can appeal against the expulsion order and receive around 30,000 in legal costs.

The trial of Boris Becker began on April 21.

Started in March.

A process that finally sentenced him to two and a half years in prison. Becker actually faced up to seven years in prison, but eventually a Southwark judge decided to sentence Germany to 30 months in prison.

The former will serve half of his sentence in the World No. 1 sentence and the rest under a semi-independent regime. During the sentencing, Judge Deborah Taylor said, “Significantly, he did not admit his guilt and did not even show remorse.

Becker, who has always argued that he is innocent, has handed over his reaction to the allegations on his Twitter account in recent years: “I am innocent until proven otherwise! I will deny the charges against me and defend myself in all legal ways. I rely on the British legal system and its agents. My legal team. They will prove my innocence. ”