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Bolivian president calls for exercise of suffrage – Brenza Latin

“After the restoration of democracy in 2020, it is time to elect regional representatives and go to the polls with the conscience of the people,” the president said on his Twitter profile.

More than 7.1 million Bolivians are eligible to vote in a referendum this Sunday in which they will elect governors, vice governors, departmental legislators, mayors, councilors, corporators and other local representatives.

Bolivia is a democratic model in an epidemic, do not diminish our security, Ars, representing the Movement for Socialism (MAS), won the vote in the first round on October 18, 2020 with 55.11 percent of the vote.

Our democracy needs the contribution of all of us, let’s go to the polls and decide with sovereignty who will be our officials and the people will be respected, Vice President David Chokhuwanga wrote on the network.

Evo Morales, former president and head of the MAS (2006-2019), voted in Villa 14D Septiamprey in Sapporo, Cochrane Department, where he called on the people to deepen democracy with their contribution.

They were able to see many lines, People’s Democracy, Bolivia has a democratic career with more than 80 percent participation in various elections, a record in Latin America, rated by the Bolivian leader.

Before the local press, Morales believed that everyone’s vote was important to deepen democracy, “with the participation of the people, it is the best way to determine program and ideological differences.”

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