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Boeing 787-9 Business Class: This is Qatar Airways' new Q Suite

Boeing 787-9 Business Class: This is Qatar Airways’ new Q Suite

The airline has announced new business class innovations for its Boeing 787-9 aircraft. Passengers can now test the customized Q-Suite from Qatar Airways.

Four years ago, Qatar Airways introduced Business Class offers passengers small suites for more privacy. The golf airline was surprised by some of the innovations. For example, two medium seats can be converted into a double bed or four of them can be converted into a small meeting room. Q-Suite is the name of the new on-board product that can be found on the Boeing 777 and Airbus A350.

Qatar Airways has not yet installed the new Business Class in the Dreamliner. However, the golf airline announced some time ago that it would change that with the delivery of the largest Boeing 787-9, and thus the current innovations. So far no details have been given. Now at least I released the secret a little.

The mobile phone will be charged automatically

Qatar Airways is also offering 30 mini-wings with sliding doors in the Q-Suite for the Boeing 787-9. They are arranged in a zigzag in a 1-2-1 configuration. Unlike the Boeing 777 and Airbus A350, all passengers are looking forward. The dividing walls can be lowered in the middle if the couple is traveling together.

As on the A350 and 777, the seats in the Dreamliner Q-Suite can be converted into a flat bed of 79 inches or two metres. But the airline doesn’t reveal much. As new, it announces smartphone holders that automatically charge devices without cables.

to Europe and Asia

Passengers on the flight from Doha to Milan on Friday (25 June) will be the first to experience the new Q-Suite. The Boeing 787-9 will also be used with the new product on flights to Athens, Barcelona, ​​Dammam, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur and Madrid.