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Bobby Wood leaves HSV immediately - moved to the US

Bobby Wood leaves HSV immediately – moved to the US

Sometimes you go faster than you think. When HSV professionals resume training on Tuesday afternoon after a two-day break, Bobby Wood won’t be there. The American contract has been terminated. According to MOPO information, Wood is about to leave his Real Salt Lake home.

Departure of Woods Lightning from HSV. Originally, the 28-year-old wanted to finish the season in Hamburg and then move to MLS. Wood’s contract expires in the summer, and his departure to Salt Lake City (the capital of Utah) was already a dealmaking deal. Now everything is going very fast. The contract termination will be announced on Tuesday.

Wood is set to play Real Salt Lake next week

What is behind the change? A mixture of athletic and personal reasons. This week the Major League Soccer begins its new season. Salt Lake starts the season in Minnesota next week (April 25). Due to his early departure, Wood has a chance to get to know his new teammates early. First, though, he will support his wife Diti, who comes from Denmark, in Copenhagen, who will soon give him a second daughter after Ella (2 years). Then Woods wants to move to the United States.

HSV also benefits from leaving. Financially, because Wood’s highest earner will still be worth around € 350,000 in salary until the end of the season. HSV will grant a little more than half to its attacker, and it will save the rest. On the other hand, Wood’s dissatisfaction with his standby role in HSV is said to have increased dramatically again recently. Especially after last Friday against Darmstadt (1: 2) U21 player Ruben Messner was a favorite on the switch. At HSV, they also saw the danger that Wood might blow other teammates with his temper in the crucial weeks of the season and put pressure on the team atmosphere. This is now banned.

In 2017 Wood became one of the top earning companies in HSV

With Wood’s contract terminated, one of the costliest misunderstandings in HSV history has been resolved. Since the American boy extended it by four years in the summer of 2017 (and earned up to 3.5 million euros in the German Bundesliga), he has met only three times in 46 league matches. His last match for HSV will be the Easter game, when he missed two big chances at 3: 3 in Hanover. Now Wood dares to make a fresh start in the United States.