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BMW, Opel or rather Tesla?  Men prefer this type of car - economy

BMW, Opel or rather Tesla? Men prefer this type of car – economy

Insurance company Verivox has investigated the type of car that men particularly like. At the top of the list is a model from the USA. So Italian women are more likely to like it.

According to a Verivox analysis, 85 percent of all Tesla Model 3 auto insurance policies were taken by men. No other vehicle model has such a high percentage of male policy holders. They are followed by the BMW 5 Series, Audi Allroad Quattro and Skoda Superb, each with 83 percent of men.

In general, men are over-represented among policyholders. They take out about two-thirds (66 percent) of auto insurance policies acquired through Verivox.

While SUVs and vehicles in the upper middle class are especially popular with men, the analysis showed that the ten car models with the highest percentage of women were exclusively mini and mini cars. Overall, about a third (34 percent) of auto insurance policies with Verivox are taken up by women.

With the Fiat 500, the proportion of policyholders is almost double that (64 percent). The Audi A1 (63 percent) and the Opel Adam (61 percent) are also insured more often by women.

For the study, all vehicle insurance contracts entered into through Verivox in 2021 were evaluated anonymously. For the 100 most insured car models, the ratio of women and men among customers was surveyed.