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Bluesky is now open to everyone

Bluesky is now open to everyone

All Internet users can now join Alternative X and Mastodon Bluesky. This means that, unlike what has happened since the linked app was first released a year ago, interested parties no longer need an invitation, Ploski declares. However, according to the company, 3 million members have now joined.


Previously, the company gave each user a new invite code every two weeks that they could use to invite friends. This principle should guide the growth of microblogging service. Moderation tools, custom feeds, and other things are developed in the background. The Bluesky team is now ready to let anyone and everyone in, they said. It was also important that the small Bluesky team could focus first on building the “decentralized” system rather than devoting itself to the growing need for network maintenance and oversight as the number of users grew rapidly.

Bluesky's web interface looks like X at first glance, and the app can also quickly become familiar. In contrast, the other X alternative, Mastodon, takes some getting used to. Bluesky himself says that the social network can look and feel familiar. Under the hood, however, the company aims to give users control over content, for example by letting them customize their timeline and filters themselves.

Among other things, Plosky attaches great importance to spreading as little fake news as possible. To that end, the fact-checking organization will soon be able to operate a flagging service on Bluesy and label posts as “partially false” or “misleading.” These functions should allow users and organizations to operate their own content moderation services, which other users should be able to subscribe to.


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