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Blue Origin: It actually offered $ 2.8 million for space on its first flight

Blue Origin: It actually offered $ 2.8 million for space on its first flight

The highest bid to get free space on Blue Origin’s first manned flight into space is now nearly $ 3 million. This stems from constantly updated information from the space company of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, now that the auction has entered its public stage. Previously, blind offers had been received for two weeks. The auction is for sixth place in the first flight of the Blue Origin space capsule with the crew, and the other five seats have already been reserved. The auction will run until mid-June.

Blue Origin has been preparing its space capsules for flights that exceed internationally defined space limits for years. There has been frequent testing starting since 2015, with the most recent in mid-April. The first manned flight is scheduled to begin on July 20. Passengers on this and subsequent flights must experience weightlessness for several minutes over the so-called Karman Line and be able to look down at the spherical shape of the Earth from the large windows. Then the capsule sinks to the ground on a canopy and should be reused. There is room for six people in the space capsule, and no crew was provided.

Since 2018, it has been said that a ticket for such a trip would cost at least $ 200,000. But the currently running auction also gives Blue Origin an impression of great interest and, above all, willingness to pay. The Verge quoted a manager at Blue Origin as saying a few days ago that the most active bidders will of course receive special attention. When regular ticket sales start, we “know who to contact.” In the meantime With the current highest bid of $ 2.8 million You definitely didn’t reach the limit four weeks before the auction ended.


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