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Blizzard doesn't want Diablo to be mistaken for a cartoon dog

Blizzard doesn’t want Diablo to be mistaken for a cartoon dog

Not the lord of horror.  Perhaps the master of dogs.

Not the lord of horror. Perhaps the master of dogs.
A screen shot:: Fox

To protect her outdated trademark, Blizzard has filed an appeal with the US Patent and Trademark Office to prevent Fox from branding Diablo, one of the dog characters from the upcoming animated series. Home.

Blizzard Diablo RPG series of video games where players fight the forces of evil. Fox’s Diablo is one of the pets that underwent psychoanalysis in the animated series HomeThere is a therapy dog ​​named Honey that treats other animals. It was a snow storm Diablo They have been trademarked since 1996. Fox registered its trademark Diablo in June of last year to use the name and shape of the puppet trolley on things like bowls, bowls, pet bowls, pet dishes, animal beds, and other TV show products.

A blizzard interception notice can be displayed on US Trademark and Patent Office website (On, Aims to block Fox files and introduces the idea that audiences could mistake the long-running game series for Diablo the dog.

Since the marks in question are identical and other factors such as the relationship between the goods and discount services identified by the DIABLO brand and the applicant’s goods and the commercial strength of the discount mark, it is possible for members to mistakenly believe that the applicant’s goods offered under the DIABLO brand are of origin. The opponent is associated with, sponsored, or nurtured, which harms the opponent’s reputation and reputation.

After reading the document, I am completely convinced that Blizzard should change its name to Opposer. And while I can’t imagine anyone confusing Diablo games with Diablo games, animated animal games, the past few years have convinced me that people have the potential for great stupidity and that anything stupid is possible.