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Blink in Kiel, Holtenauer Straße, near Bernhard-Minetti-Platz - Ban fines, points and driving bans!

Blink in Kiel, Holtenauer Straße, near Bernhard-Minetti-Platz – Ban fines, points and driving bans!

Are you supposed to have exceeded the speed limit here within residential areas? Then a hearing sheet from the fines office follows the corresponding fines notice within three to six weeks.

But this is where an experienced defender’s defense is worth it. This is because the flashing is done with a Poliscan Speed ​​laser measuring device. Its weaknesses are the best guarantee of the success of your interception.

Although it is still recognized as a standard measurement method, numerous court-commissioned test series have confirmed the many sources of error.

The device emits laser beams in the infrared range, 158 beams at a repetition rate of 100 / sec and with a span of 45 x 145 cm to 75 meters. If the vehicle enters this expansion, the measurement of the operating time of the laser pulse begins. This allows the travel time to be determined for the entered measurement distance. Then the velocity is calculated from this. If the limit value is exceeded, the camera is turned on.

However, the stretching of the laser beam causes distortions in the signals transmitted by the vehicles. In more than half of all measurements, this leads to incorrect measurement results. This serial error can also be present in your process.

In more than 50% of all measurements, data are obtained outside the permissible measurement range. This serious violation of device certification can lead to a ban on the use of evidence.

If the scab angle is incorrectly set when installing the device, this can have serious consequences. Even a deviation of one degree can lead to so-called slashes, and the result is automatically an excessively high speed specification.

Since this and other assembly errors occur very frequently, the manufacturer explicitly requires that the measuring officers be trained on the device. If there is no evidence of this in the file, the measurement will be discarded.

The measurement and imaging process is delayed. Therefore, when there is a large volume of traffic, assignment errors occur again and again.In this case, the Fines Office cannot conclusively prove in legal proceedings that the values ​​actually relate to the displayed vehicle.

If the instrument’s calibration has expired, for example because maintenance schedules have not been met, the entire series of measurements must be canceled and the person concerned should be acquitted.

This is only a small set of errors that can be found when evaluating raw measurement data and measurement protocols.

For this reason, attorney Andreas Junge has an independent expert report prepared for each measurement. This lists the errors found and their effects on the measurement.

It is therefore the basis for requests for evidence by which your inaccuracy is proven to the responsible local court in Kiel.

The result is acquittal, or at least the suspension of the proceedings.

In this case, you are exempted from points in the Driving Suitability Register (formerly the Central Traffic Register) in Flensburg or even a driving ban.

If you have statutory protection insurance, you will not incur any costs for this procedure.

If you don’t have statutory protection insurance yet, that’s not a problem here. In the case of fines, the advantage is that some providers offer legal protection retroactively for up to 3 months. Good attorneys who specialize in defending administrative offense cases can provide non-binding advice on this matter.

Important: Notify an attorney who specializes in organizational crime law at an early stage, ideally when you receive a hearing from the authority. Attorney Andreas Jung knows how to effectively defend you at this early stage of the process.

Attorney Junge has successfully defended nationwide in fine proceedings and traffic criminal matters for years. Each year it oversees about 1,000 fines suits nationwide, a disproportionately large number of which are either stopped or end in acquittal.

The law firm has branches in Berlin and an agent.

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