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Bligg accent star makes her daughter Vivienne debut

Bligg accent star makes her daughter Vivienne debut

This view is melting! Singer Bligg celebrates the New Year with her daughter Vivienne.

The basics in brief

  • The accent star Bligg is the father of two children.
  • However, he withholds his private life from the public.
  • New Year’s greetings this year are more surprising.

Vivian (soon to be 2) has one of Switzerland’s most famous fathers: accent star Bligg (45). Celebrating the start of the year, fans of “Rosalie” singer see the little sparrow for the first time. Jööö Alert Guaranteed!

Bligg splits Instagram One Selfie With his sweet little daughter. This is hidden behind one New Year’s Eve-mask. The proud babee glows like a honey cake horse beside him. With this shot, he wishes his fans “something new, better.”

Followers are excited. They commented, “Very nice” or: “What a cute mouse!”

One fan thinks: “She has her father’s eyes.” It is gaining popularity because of that.

For “big fans” of Bligg fans, the intimate insight is special. Because: The singer usually keeps his private life out of the public eye. So far, only Vivian has been seen with a filter.

Pictures of his 6-year-old son Leo are also rare.

In return, Bligg delivers music supplies on a treadmill — also with fellow musician Mark Sway (42). One fan writes in appreciation: “More great music from you.”

Are you looking forward to new music from Bligg?

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