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Black Water Priestess in Video Test • Nintendo Connect

Black Water Priestess in Video Test • Nintendo Connect

In the late hours we have a frightening horror with us Project Zero: Blackwater PriestessHalloween, folks! Project Zero: Blackwater Priestess Available for the first time on Nintendo Switch and other systems to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PROJECT ZERO horror adventure series. Originally released for Wii U!

With improved screen resolution, new costumes and accessories, a new shot mode where you can place characters and ghosts but want to create creative shots, an updated ghost list, improved controls and more awaits you!

Mount Hikami was worshiped as a sacred place. This place is home to a unique religion based on the belief in water and its worship as a divine being. It is said that many extreme events have occurred in this place and mysterious phenomena can be observed. This mysterious and complex story follows three protagonists, Yuri Kozukata, Mio Hinsaki and Rin Hojo, who each explore the ill-fated Mount Hikami, the place where many found their deaths, and the secrets that hide there.

Players use a dark camera, a special camera that can fend off vengeful ghosts and lock up their power, to explore Mount Hikami and the many events that took place there in the past. The story is divided into separate missions and each mission is led by a new hero. In addition to catching evil spirits attacking you, the camera compartment can also reveal other things that are not visible to the human eye, helping to track down lost items.

Our video test too Project Zero: Blackwater Priestess You can on YouTube as well Our Facebook page Watching, watching. Today, in the morning, the written test based on the video text is waiting for you.