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Black Sea Region - More than 20 dead in floods in Turkey - News

Black Sea Region – More than 20 dead in floods in Turkey – News

  • After the wildfires, parts of Turkey are now hit by floods.
  • In Turkey’s Black Sea region, 27 people were killed in connection with the floods.
  • More than 1,700 people have been taken to safety, the disaster agency AFAD announced. Heavy rain flooded many places in the area.

According to media reports, the height of the water in some places was five meters. About 5,000 emergency services and 19 helicopters are involved in the rescue work, with the support of NGOs and the army.


Rescue workers transport Kastamonu residents to safety.


“This is the worst flood disaster I have ever seen,” Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu told reporters on Thursday. Twenty-five people were killed in the city of Kastamonu, which is about 100 kilometers from the Black Sea coast. Two others apparently died in the coastal city of Sinop. The city of Bartin was also affected by the floods. There is someone missing there.

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