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Biomutant next patch with “Community Feedback-Based Changes” •

Biomutant next patch with “Community Feedback-Based Changes” •

The developer behind Biomutant said the upcoming update will make the game a lot better.

Experience 101 reported that this update, due for release soon, will include bug fixes and “changes based on community feedback”.

What exactly is changing? Experiment 101 did not go into detail, but it examined several biological systems:

The developer said, “We are working on dialogue rhythm, narrator settings, difficulty settings, and video settings such as depth of field, motion blur, prey and enemy settings, in addition to sound and combat.”

This is a big part of the game that this update aims to address!

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The mention of “speaker settings” is interesting. The Biomutant’s intangible narrator is definitely very talkative, commenting on pretty much anything she does, translating anything anyone says. You can calm him down, but you can’t completely silence him. With this update, you might be able to do that.

There is also some kind of change in the planned combat, but we don’t know what. The battle for vital pollutants isn’t particularly impressive, so Trial 101 may plan improvements here.

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As I said, update soon. Experience 101 said it is expected to appear on computers in front of consoles.