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Biography reveal: Harry planning UK PR tour?

Biography reveal: Harry planning UK PR tour?

In order to reveal the autobiography
Is Harry planning a UK PR tour?

Prince Harry’s book “Reserve” will be published in January.

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Is Prince Harry adding fuel to the royal fire with a potential PR tour through Great Britain for his “Reserve” book?

Long before the book “Reserve” was published on January 10, 2023, Prince Harry, 38, caused a stir with his revealing autobiography. The buzz regarding this may increase early next year. If a new report from “The Mirror” is true. Accordingly, Prince Harry plans to return to his British homeland for a PR tour. However, the report speculated that it could provide a “New Year’s dream” for the royal family.

According to the report, Prince Harry’s aim is to explain the “purpose and dreams” he has by publishing his book. However, it is thought that he would like to do a PhD in Great Britain on a small scale – if that is possible given the explosiveness of the topic.

Already decided to cancel Christmas?

If Prince Harry is indeed only returning to his homeland to promote his book, that would speak volumes. Regarding one in particular “Mirror” also reported from last weekend, Prince Harry had every intention of accepting a possible invitation from his father, Charles III. (73) For the coming Christmas – America must spin in one direction. And it said Harry and his family will not see his brother William, 40, and his wife Princess Kate, 40, on Christmas Eve.

“The book could spell the end of any relationship Harry might have with his family, which is very sad,” a source told the Mirror. “Everyone is now gearing up for another trying and wild time staying with the Sussexes.”

Apparently, Prince Harry has asked his British friends and comrades to break the old deal. As reported by The Telegraph. After years of being asked not to comment on the royal family’s private life, Harry’s ghostwriter JR was asked to do so as part of research for “The Reserve”. They were also asked to answer Mohringer’s questions. This change of direction reportedly “surprised” some of his friends.