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Billions of dollars are hidden in this fund

Cryptocurrency scammers arrested

Billions of dollars are hidden in this fund

US authorities have confiscated the assets of a crypto scammer. Total: $3.4 billion worth of bitcoins.


US police have discovered several billion dollars in a cache – in the form of bitcoins. Some discs were hidden in this underground safe.

The silver chest looks modest. But it is part of an incredible discovery by the US authorities. It is safe under the body. Insider: Chubby booty for a crypto scammer. Investigators found a total of 3.4 billion USD worth of bitcoins in the home of Jason Z.* (32). In addition to the data carriers in the vault that were hidden underground, bitcoins were sleeping on data carriers that were distributed around the house and on a computer. Unbelievable: a data carrier hidden in a popcorn packet.

US authorities made the massive discovery with the fraudster and real estate entrepreneur in November 2021, a federal prosecutor announced Monday in New York. In addition to bitcoins, officials also discovered $661,900 in cash, eight silver bars, and 100 grams of gold.