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Billionaires Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates search for a huge treasure in Greenland

Climate change is melting Greenland. In the record year of 2019 alone, sea level rose by 1.5 mm due to melting ice by 532 billion tons. According to scientists, this has an impact on our everyday life – severe weather phenomena are becoming more and more frequent. But Greenland’s thaw also provides an opportunity for investors and mining companies, ironically, to fight climate change.

It is related to nickel, copper, cobalt and platinum. All important raw materials for the production of electric cars. This is one of the pillars of the green energy transition announced by a large number of countries in recent years. The thaw should make it easier to find those raw materials. Billionaires like Microsoft founder Bill Gates (66), Amazon boss Jeff Bezos (58) and media mogul Michael Bloomberg (80) want to take advantage of him.