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Billie Eilish reveals her experiences with abuse - see

Billie Eilish reveals her experiences with abuse – see

With these pictures, Billie Eilish (19 years old) broke her Instagram record: The singer showed a new side to Vogue. With blonde hair, a pink Gucci seashell, patent leather stockings, and a latex skirt, she was featured on the magazine’s cover. When she shared the photos on her Instagram account, she got over ten million likes within six minutes. She wants to use that attention in the interview that accompanies an important topic: abuse.

Anyone can be taken advantage of. No matter what your life is, how strong you are or how smart you are. ”It can also happen to self-confident women.“ Then they ask themselves: “Oh my God, how did you become a victim to all people?” It’s embarrassing, humiliating, and very humiliating to be in such a situation. You realize that you have been abused. “