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Bill Murray has stopped filming due to inappropriate behavior

He admires him for his funny and angry manner. But many colleagues have been unable to keep up in the past few decades Bill Morris (71) The path is clear and how he treated her in the group. The actor does not seem to have matured with age. Now the Hollywood shoot has been canceled in the middle because of him.

The comedian has been in front of the camera since the beginning of March with co-stars Seth Rogen (40) and “Master of None” star Aziz Ansari (39) for the adaptation of the best-selling movie ‘Being Mortal’. Until last week, the heads of production company Searchlight Pictures received a written complaint against Murray. Who this came from – the crew or co-star – is unknown. But according to the evangelical Variety, the allegations against Murray for “inappropriate conduct” were so serious that filming was halted until further notice. A Searchlight Pictures spokesperson said: “We continue to investigate the incidents and then decide when or whether to continue.”