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Bill Kaulitz and his young fantasies with George List

A relationship with a band member?

Bill Kaulitz talks about his teenage fantasies

In a podcast shared with his twin brother Tom, the Tokio hotel singer talks candidly about his kicks in the bedroom — and the band kicks he used to stimulate his imagination.


Brothers Tom (left) and Bill Kaulitz have a joint podcast.

In his podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood”, which he co-runs with his twin brother Tom Kaulitz (33), Bill Kaulitz (33) talks about God and the world. Final show topic: sexual fantasies. He says he was once taken by a member of the band – namely, guitarist George Listing (35). Kaulitz: “I even had sexual fantasies with him.” According to their own statements, they would have happened in their youth.

He also says he would allow himself to pee: “I’d let myself shrug, not just on my face, but if I said somewhere on my chest or on my body, I’d say yes.” But he doesn’t want his brother to be a partner in the practice, he adds: “For me, it’s about something more sexual.” Tom uses this steep-sided form for a joke: “If I find someone cool, I’ll say ‘I have a sunburn’ and they have a full bladder,” Bell adds, “two birds with one stone.” , Tom ends with his twin brother’s remarks. To clarify: Urea in urine can be effective against skin diseases.