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Bilateral Relations – Switzerland and Great Britain want strong cooperation – News

  • Switzerland and the United Kingdom are in talks on closer bilateral research and innovation cooperation.
  • Federal Councilor Guy Formelin is working with British Minister George Freeman to reach a “Memorandum of Understanding”.
  • Among other things, it focuses on “Horizon Europe” and international research infrastructure in the field of space travel.

According to the Federal Department of Economics, Education and Research (EAER), Switzerland and the United Kingdom maintain close bilateral relations in the fields of research and innovation. There is a lot of direct collaboration between universities, researchers and research infrastructure.

With the support of the European scientific elite

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Will be able to fully participate in Horizon shows as soon as possible by Switzerland. This is what the European research community demands. Nobel laureates and other top researchers from across Europe lead the list of first-time signatories to the campaign. They are launching a joint appeal to all European countries.

Federal Councilor Guy Formelin invited the British Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, George Freeman, for a courtesy call, followed by a dinner with science and business representatives in Bern on Monday. This was announced by the WBF. Also, the minister held a working meeting on Tuesday with Secretary of State for Education, Research and Innovation Martina Hirayama.

Within the framework of international research infrastructure, the focus was on cooperation between the two countries in the field of space travel and between the respective research and innovation financial institutions. The “Memorandum of Understanding” is requested.

One of the titles of “Horizon Europe”

Switzerland and the United Kingdom are exploring cooperation in the field of “deep science” such as quantum, space travel and nuclear fusion.

According to the EAER, another focus was on the EU framework for research and innovation, particularly the position of the two countries’ association in “horizon Europe”. The UK ranks second in terms of the number of joint ventures under Horizon 2020.

The United Kingdom is one of Switzerland’s most important partners in the field of education, research and innovation. Both countries are members of major international research infrastructure such as CERN, of which Switzerland is the host country.