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Bike: Stefan Bissager wants to shine at the world championships in Australia


Cyclist Stefan Bissegger (SUI) with girlfriend Celine and cat Leo.

When he was younger, Stefan Bissegger was occasionally laughed at by his rivals. Why? Among other things, he raced with an aluminum instead of a modern carbon bike. Father Bruno and mother Andrea do not have money to buy the latest and most expensive products for their son. “It never bothered me. In retrospect it could have been better,” says Bissäcker. One thing is certain: no one has laughed at the “Sage” from Durga for a long time. Bissegger is one of the best time trialists in the world, having won EM gold a month ago. “It makes me proud,” he says.

Bissegger didn’t back down after his golden coup. His next goal is a World Cup medal, he notes, “preferably gold.” On Sunday, things get serious in Wollongong, Australia, 100 kilometers south of Sydney (from 5:40 a.m. Swiss time). “The competition will be more competitive than EM, probably a lot more. Me too. I was solid when I won, but not great – I still have room for improvement,” he says.