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Big stars get drunk on Oktoberfest rides – one could urinate in the head of the Wild Mouse caravan

Big stars get drunk on Oktoberfest rides – one could urinate in the head of the Wild Mouse caravan

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The Kaulitz brothers Tom (second from left) and Bill (fourth from left) in front of their roller coaster ride. © Screenshot

Visit Oktoberfest to the fullest: These stars enjoyed more than just delicious cuisine. They also went for a ride, and are no longer completely sober.

MUNICH – Some Oktoberfest roller coaster-goers got something for their money: They didn’t just get the usual adrenaline rush. But it’s also an experience that lasts even with the right recordings. After all, who can claim to have sat in a specialty store at Oktoberfest with so many big stars?

Oktoberfest: Tom and Bill Kaulitz (Tokyo Hotel) check out rides

We’re talking about Bill and Tom Kaulitz (both 34 years old). The twins from Tokio Hotel paid a visit to Oktoberfest. And while Tom appeared in white, Bill didn’t even think about choosing a reserved outfit (tell us). They had a great time in the Beetle Festival tent and took everything they could with them. They went on rows and rows of rides, and Bill was at least very drunk, as he admitted on their podcast (see below). They did not always go unnoticed. Naturally, “regular” Oktoberfest visitors also pulled out their cell phones as the big stars approached.

This video has already received more than 400,000 views on TikTok. It’s with “Pov: You’re waiting for your Oktoberfest roller coaster and the Tokio Hotel is moving forward.” Have the Kaulitz brothers really gained an advantage? This cannot be seen in 23 seconds. But others clearly recognize them during the trip. And get in the mood with them before Bill and Tom ride a rollercoaster themselves. Is Bill already drunk by then?

The person who posted the video gets a lot of envy in the reactions. “I will do my best to be close to Bill,” the comments read. They write: “Belle is so close my friend, I wish I went to Oktoberfest (I live near Munich)”, “Oh my god, you are living my dream, I just met her” and “Dega I want to see her too”. Others are happier about the Kaulitz brothers’ companion. “So we’re talking about the Tokio Hotel… but people… there’s Mark Eggers” and “Mark Eggers is everywhere too,” they write of model and actor Eggers, who got very close to Bale in the marquee.

The Cowlitz twins report on their visit to Oktoberfest in a podcast

The Cowlitz Twins had a lot of fun at Oktoberfest, as evidenced by their podcast “Cowlitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood.” They reported that no one pushed them during their flight, and Bill began the free fall tower. “Of course we didn’t have to stand in lines. Of course we got everywhere,” says Bill. Tom: “What does normal mean here? I stood in line and went straight to the front: “Hey, I’m a celebrity.” “Yes, I said ‘Hey, I’m a celebrity, I’d like to apply, please’,” Bill confirms. “And then I walked right in and thought: Oh, doesn’t that create a negative atmosphere? But no, people were still happy and said: You’re welcome to come forward.”

They also rode the Ghost Train and the Wild Mouse. To do this, they were in the Devil’s Wheel, where they had to hide so as not to be invited to participate themselves. In Freefall Tower, they could have gotten a bunch of tickets for free. Which is what Tom Kaulitz gave to everyone who gave him dirty looks. “People liked me then.” Bill also has a ready-made tale. And what a! “I was in the back of the trailer with the owner of Wild Mouse and I was desperate to go to the toilet. Then she let me go in the back and I saw how they live. Really cute.”

Wild Mouse at Oktoberfest
This is what a wild mouse looks like at Oktoberfest (archive photo). © Bond5/Imago

Bill Kaulitz: “I’m only now realizing how drunk I was”

Bill Kaulitz publicly admits to their toy tour: “Looking back, I really have to say: I was really drunk when we got into that car. I’m only now realizing how drunk I was. I still remember a little bit about the ghost train, it had A strange wheel you ride through, and it makes you incredibly sick.” His confession: “On the Ghost Train, Tom, I was full of snot.” Tom Kaulitz adds that later I still give them shots at every booth. Ugh. At least Bill Kaulitz may have brought back a good hangover from his Oktoberfest visit as well as fragile memories. The pop star misbehaved after his surprise appearance at Oktoberfest. (flexible)