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Big Delayed Superheroes: Marvel's Midnight Suns postponed indefinitely |  Opinion

Big Delayed Superheroes: Marvel’s Midnight Suns postponed indefinitely | Opinion

Even when the “Avengers” need help: in order to put Lilith, the mother of all evil and demons, in her place and save the world from destruction, Iron Man and Company confidently turn to another group of superheroes, inclined to do so. Their service to humanity in secret: “The Midnight Sun.” It includes the characters Marvel Blade, Magik, Ghost Rider, Nico Minoru, and “The Hunter” – a character created by the player and a descendant of Lilith.

Already at Gamescom 2021, 2K and Firaxis announced the Tactical RPG in March 2022, then the release was pushed back to October 2022 and now finally to an unspecified point in the current fiscal year (until March 31, 2023) — and that, although Who (or precisely because) the business press has recently been allowed to insinuate. Additionally, the new target release date only applies to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S versions. Releases planned for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will also follow at a later date.

This is the reason for the delay

A statement from Firaxis and 2K Games read: “After discussion with the team, we have decided to postpone the launch date of Marvel’s Midnight Suns to ensure we provide the best possible experience for our fans.” Fans are known to be excited about playing Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which is why “we will be using this extra time to ensure we provide the best possible experience for everyone. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is our greatest game to date. Ever since and we are so grateful for all the support the players have shown us over the years.” “.