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Biden's son's hunter makes it hard to explain the White House

Biden’s son’s hunter makes it hard to explain the White House

The artistic activity of the son of US President Hunter Biden made the press department of the White House need clarification.

The basics in brief

  • The sale of the president’s son’s artwork raises ethical questions.
  • The White House cannot dispel concerns that this represents a corruption risk.

President’s Spokesperson Joe BidenJen Psaki, on Friday, struggled to address concerns that a discount Hunter plates pose a corruption risk.

Hobbies: Businessman, lawyer and painter Hunter Biden He has recently begun exhibiting his works at the George Berg Gallery in New York and also offering them for sale. According to a media report, the cost of the paintings may reach half a million dollar to be sold. Critics warn that businessmen or others do art It can only be created to gain influence in the White House.

President Biden’s office responded by announcing “appropriate security precautions”: at Hunter business fairs, ” a discount for him art It is done by the owner of the gallery and the names and people will be treated with strict confidentiality,” Psaki said at the beginning of July.

“He won’t know who buys his art.”

However, that wouldn’t stop the plate buyers from letting Hunter know that he’s his character art they bought. When Psaki was asked about this possibility, she simply said that strict rules would apply. “He won’t know. He won’t know who he is. art you buy. “

Hunter Biden is one of the favorite targets of Former President Donald Trump. I am Campaign In 2020, the then incumbent repeatedly emphasized the economic interests of his rival’s son in Ukraine and China. Investigations into tax irregularities are also underway against the 51-year-old.

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