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Biden wants to show his skills as an economic politician

Biden wants to show his skills as an economic politician

nHowever, the term “pedium economy” is not a taboo term. President Joe Biden is still betting that his economic policy, dubbed by journalists, will gain widespread recognition and ultimately provide the majority to extend his term in the White House.

But the time factor is important. Presidential elections will be held within a year. Until then, the Biden administration’s massive funding programs should be felt by ordinary people. Otherwise it can become tight. A recent poll conducted by Bloomberg showed that an important group of undecided voters in swing states are far from being convinced of Biden’s abilities as an economic politician.

Dependence on Silicon Valley must be reduced

On Monday, Biden took time out of his calendar, currently severely constrained by international crisis management commitments, to commemorate the Chips and Science Act, which not only encourages the production and development of technologically advanced semiconductors but also connects the country to 31 regional technology hubs. Covers. These sites, each with different specializations and multibillion-dollar funding, aim to develop technologies that enhance economic growth, national security, employment, and the overall competitiveness of the United States as a site.