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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

Biden faces headwinds at America summit

Los Angeles Chilean President Gabriel Borek has also criticized the United States, but has also condemned human rights abuses in authoritarian countries. “Exclusion only reinforces isolation and does not pay off,” said the left-wing politician. On the one hand, he called for an end to US sanctions against Cuba, and on the other hand, for the release of political prisoners in Nicaragua. Respect for human rights is “the civilized minimum we always demand – no matter what political ideology it violates”. The United States received an invitation to the ninth. The OAS summit was restricted to the democratically elected presidents of the region. As a result, left-wing politicians such as Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Bolivia’s President Luis Arce, and Honduran President Xiumara Castro canceled their participation. El Salvador, Guatemala, Uruguay and two small Caribbean nations also stayed out of the area. Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has made himself a spokesperson for the invitees. “I regret that not everyone who should be here today,” said the left-wing head of state. “We would have liked a different American summit: the silence of the absent accuses us.” Fernandez suggested that the summit host should not be able to decide on future participants. “It is inexcusable that some countries of the Americas will be absent and the strength of the summit is diminished by its absence,” said Belize Prime Minister John Briceno. America is defined by “geography, not politics.” In the face of criticism, Biden campaigned for unity in the region. “We have an opportunity to find ways in which we can achieve more for all of our citizens through cooperation. And I affirm: together,” the US president said. “It is our duty to show them what democracies can achieve when they work together.” Biden has attempted to paint a picture of a bright future for the region if everyone is willing to work together. “There is no reason why the Western Hemisphere cannot be the world’s most forward-looking, democratic, prosperous, peaceful and secure region,” he said. “We have unlimited potential. We have enormous resources and a democratic spirit that champions freedom and opportunity for all.”

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