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Biden and three former presidents are campaigning ahead of the important midterms

Trumpists can win in the midterm elections

President Biden, Obama, Clinton and Trump are running for president

The current and three former US presidents are campaigning last minute in the final race ahead of Tuesday’s important US midterm elections. Trump could seize power in Congress and the Senate.


Former US President Barack Obama (left) and current incumbent Joe Biden together in the midterms

In the United States, former presidents are also officially referred to as “Mr. President” addressees. four «Mr. The President “is campaigning shortly before the important midterm elections. Incumbent President Joe Biden (79) along with former President Barack Obama (61) warned that there was a lot at stake on Tuesday, November 8. “Democracy is literally on the ballot,” Biden said.

Obama made a similar remark at the same election stage in Philadelphia: “Truth, facts, logic, reason and basic decency on the ballot,” former President Donald Trump (76)’s predecessor said regarding Republican candidates. State-of-the-art democracy: “The midterm elections are no joke,” Obama said. Democrats are threatened with losing a slim majority in the US Congress. Also, the race for a majority in the US Senate, where the majority of Democrats are currently held only by voting rights. Vice President Kamala Harris (58) tightly secured.