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Bicycle parking facility for ten bikes in the city center

Bicycle parking facility for ten bikes in the city center

Ravensburg – There is now a new parking space for ten bikes south of Marienplatz. With its green car-shaped outline, it is striking and shows that the parked car takes up space for up to ten wheels.

With this message, the location of the so-called Car Bike Port will change every three to six months in order to raise public awareness elsewhere that parked cars take up a lot of space in public spaces.

“Car Bike Port is focused on the issue of space,” says Julia Zyder of the city’s environment agency. After all, cars stand still on average for more than 23 hours a day, thus taking up a lot of space in the city. “With this private bike parking space, we also want to motivate people to switch to cycling.”

The environmental agency chose the special shape of the parking lot as an awareness-raising measure, which is well-established in the “Ravensburg Climate Consensus”. The goal of the climate consensus is for Ravensburg to be climate neutral by 2040 at the latest. This is what the Climate Commission decided. Climate Harmonization, a strategy paper unique to Germany, was unanimously approved by the Ravensburg Municipal Council in 2020. The city also has a city climate logo on the Car Bike Port under the slogan “CO2The Neutral City of Ravensburg – Shaping the Climate Future.

(Press release: City of Ravensburg)