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Bibi and Julian Clasen split up

It’s all over! The dream couple on YouTube Bibi (29.7.9 million followers on Instagram) and Julian Clasen (29.5.7 million followers) are split. It has been rumored for days that the relationship between the two is on the brink. This is how Bibi was seen without her wedding ring. Additionally, the two spent several days apart. Additionally, photos have surfaced showing Bibi acquaintance with another man. In one of the pictures she gave him a kiss.

A misunderstanding, which many fans still believe in – until Julian Claassen clearly spoke in his Instagram story: “I would very much like to put an end to the speculation. I will make it short and painless: yes, that’s right. Bibi and I broke up. Baby broke up. ” However, he cannot and does not want to say more about her at the moment. Julian Claassen is silent about the reasons. However, he has confirmed that their two children Leo (3 years) and Emily (2) come first.