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Biathlon at Soldier Hollow – Gasparin and Hakki Gross in top 10 – Men's relay team embarrasses itself – Sports

Biathlon at Soldier Hollow – Gasparin and Hakki Gross in top 10 – Men's relay team embarrasses itself – Sports

  • In Justine Brysaz Bouchet's win at Soldier Hollow, Aita Gasparin put an exclamation point in eighth place.
  • The Swiss men could not see the finish in the 4 x 7.5 km relay after a lap.

In the Soldier Hollow race (USA), Aita Gasparin achieved the best Swiss result. The flawless Graubünden woman finished eighth, just ahead of her teammate Lena Häke-Gross, and for Gasparin, it was her best ranking of her career in an individual World Cup race. Apart from the relay races, she has so far reached the top 10 in three other races.


She achieved the best result of her career

Aita Gasparin.

Keystone/EPA/Martin Devesic

When the World Cup returned to Utah after a five-year absence, Haake-Gross missed out on a better classification with two standing errors, but he also created a good starting position for the chase on Sunday (live on SRF from 4:55 p.m.). . Leah Mayer came in 49th place, and Susanna Menin came in 67th place.

Justine Breezaz Boucher unleashed the victory. The Frenchwoman took 13 seconds off World Cup leader Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold (NOR) despite a shooting error. His compatriot Lou Jeanmonnot completed the podium.

A disaster for the Swiss quartet

The fifth and final 4 x 7.5 km relay of this World Cup season ended in disappointment for the Swiss men's quartet. Joscha Burkhalter, Sebastian Stalder, Jeremy Fenello and Niklas Hartwig were unable to get a result at the end due to the Norwegians hitting them. The last time a Swiss men's relay team failed to reach the finish line was in 2008 in Oberhof.

Lead runner Burkhalter had already incurred two penalties and a gaping hole. Another one has been added in Finello. Result: He was passed by Johannes Thingnes Bö – Hartwig did not get his turn.

Jeremy Fenello and colleagues (archive photo).


They didn't cover themselves with fame

Jeremy Fenello and colleagues (archive photo).

keystone/ap/martin devecic

Norwegians can bear three penalties

Norway asserted its dominance despite a real false start. Sturla Holm Lägreid had to go to the extra loop three times at the start, but his teammates made up for the loss.

Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen took his fifth race win by about 40 seconds in contention. Overall, this was the Vikings' seventh consecutive World Cup success. They were only beaten by neighbors Sweden in the World Cup. Italian Lucas Hofer won the sprint race, placing second in front of German Philipp Norath.