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Beyond Gravity Provides Rocket Tips to Amazon

Beyond Gravity Provides Rocket Tips to Amazon


200 US jobs: Beyond Gravity advises on rockets for the Amazon project

Former Ruag Space gets another lucrative contract in the US.

United Launch Alliance Vulcan missile.

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In mid-March this year, Beyond Gravity (formerly Ruag Space) received an award Contract for development and delivery of the exchange system for the planned satellite constellation on Amazon. The Kuiper project aims to provide affordable Internet connections around the world. The company has now announced that United Launch Alliance (ULA) — a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin — has placed an order with Beyond Gravity to provide 38 missile tips for its Vulcan missiles. This payload fairness is designed to protect Amazon’s satellites from launch to deployment. The unit consists of three composite elements, including the launch vehicle tip, the heat shield, which protects the launch vehicle from engine heat during launch, and the inter-stage adapter, which interacts with the launch vehicle’s upper stage.

To handle volume, Beyond Gravity is doubling its capacity in the United States and building a new manufacturing facility in Decatur, Alabama, in partnership with ULA. This will create about 200 additional jobs in the USA. The area of ​​the new building is more than 250,000 square meters. Of the total ten tonnage accomplishments produced at Decatur annually, the number is expected to rise to 25. The new plant is scheduled for completion in early 2024 and commissioning. (m)