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Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in the works

The past few months have been difficult for publisher and developer Ubisoft. The company has been making headlines in recent days. For example, Skull and Bones has been postponed again and three unannounced games have been completely cancelled. Ubisoft has now informed PCGamesN that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in the works. Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Skull and Bones were both announced years ago. Since then, both projects have been more or less quiet, giving rise to speculation and raising suspicions. There was a teaser for Beyond Good and Evil 2 in 2008.

When will the game be released? To this day there is no definite answer to this question. What is certain, however, is that the game managed to break a dubious record some time ago. It holds the (sad) record for longest running AAA game. Until a few months ago, Duke Nukem Forever held this record, which ultimately didn’t live up to its name and was only in development for what felt like Forever. Finally the shooter appeared. However, the hype had long since died down by then and the game was only moderately received by critics and fans alike. Even a while doesn’t always turn out to be a very good thing.

Source: PC games; Retrieved January 14, 2023 at 20:21

Image source: Ubisoft

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