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Better Paths and Community: Apple wants to do more for developers

Better Paths and Community: Apple wants to do more for developers

Just in time for WWDC 2024, which will once again be held virtually from June 10-14, Apple has announced several innovations to support its developers. In the future, a revised Apple Developer Forum should enable more exchanges with the company's employees themselves. Also new is an offer called Pathways, with which the iPhone manufacturer wants to support newcomers when they start programming on Apple platforms.


Innovations are already visible. This is what Apple said Developer forums Updated to provide “timely answers to technical questions.” Developers are now being connected with “more experts and other developers,” according to the company. There is also “Code related support By Appe-Ingenieur:innen”. The layout has also been addressed and is now better categorized by topics, companies and tags.

It's commendable that Apple doesn't close its Apple Developer Forum to the outside world. This means you can view and search the show even without membership as an Apple developer. However, posts and responses can of course only be viewed after registration. The company has locked down such information for years, but it's now freely available to all users — just like the documents and videos from WWDC.

Anyone interested in programming but having trouble getting started should take advantage of a new program at Apple in the future: in May Corridors ft., a website that centralizes resources. It combines introductory articles on design, Swift, SwiftUI, or app distribution via Apple's app stores with a range of training courses and the opportunity to participate in meetings with Apple experts.

Apple writes that they are “simple, clear collections of videos, documentation, and resources that help developers create great apps and games.” In the first few weeks after release, 40,000 developers had already accessed the content.


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