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Better late than never The Prize: Jagged Alliance 3 makes the previously impossible look easy

Better late than never The Prize: Jagged Alliance 3 makes the previously impossible look easy

Around mid-2010, I simply stopped noticing any signs of life in the Jagged Alliance direction. It was better this way, because what should have been simple – bringing a game from the late ’90s into the modern era in a fairly good way – turned out to be impossible, game after game, reboot after remake after intellectual sequel.

Until now. Suddenly, Haigimont came around the corner and took off my shoes in the sweltering summer heat, in a way I still can’t believe. Suddenly this brand is a force to be reckoned with again, and no one needs Jagged Alliance 2 anymore – and in this case that’s a good thing.

Of course: the style of parodying 80s action movies isn’t subtle, the book is often not as funny as the authors probably thought it would be, and the art direction could be a little more expressive. But in terms of gameplay alone, Jagged Alliance 3 is so addictive that it would have dominated any other year for me.

In particular, it’s beyond impressive how easy Haemimont makes it look after years of disappointment with other attempts to revive the brand. It’s not every day you get a very complex and multifaceted tactical game with great freedom of play and an exciting level of strategy.

And the fact that the developers continue to improve Jagged Alliance 3 with updates makes me optimistic about the future of this series. You can also now pause real-time moments to better enjoy stealth, an arms dealer has been added to help with any ammo shortages and in the latest update 1.4, Grand Chien has been given a subway system.

With Jagged Alliance 3, Haemimont has shown his love for the series and this game long after its release. This is one of the best news of the year for tactical fans.

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