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betrayal!  A stab in the heart - Andreas Gaballier

betrayal! A stab in the heart – Andreas Gaballier

Beatrice Egli: ‘He made fun of you’

In ARD Ask the Mouse manipulated The singer targeted his teammate so he could win the game. While testing the music, the extracts from the different songs should be arranged in the correct order. To do this, they must remember the sounds and then press them in the correct order.
Beatrice presses the first three buttons correctly, but then seems unsure. Andreas rushes to her aid by signaling that she must press the first button again. But this is not true, and Andreas knows very well that the third option will in fact be the correct answer. “He was joking with you”The mediator, Eckart von Hirschhausen, laughs, too.

Then Beatrice gets another chance, but Andreas is now snatching it up The hardest way. While the singer thinks about which button to press again, he urges her to press the wrong button, even placing his hand on her button to automatically record the wrong answer. This is amazing Offside The blonde doesn’t like him at all, so she says it to him “Do you really want to win?” Face.

Apparently yes, because Andreas was already able to win the Tour for his team. angry Beatrice It even pushes him off the stage. Harass:

I trusted him, but men from Austria are not allowed to do that.

Referring to Andreas’ song “I sing to Lyad 4D” she sang to him afterwards: “I will never sing you Liad again.” oh dear! Whether the two really took their little quarrel seriously, or whether the whole thing was just a friendly fighting spirit, only they knew.

used source: ARD