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Best family games for Christmas 2022

Christmas comes as a complete surprise every year! For many of us, this is the time to get together with family and do things together. And to be honest: why not just play round with the kids, relatives or grandparents? Or give someone a game as a gift?

If you are already together, you can also play video games together. If you spend Christmas with people who are not averse to it, we show you a number of games on our list that are great Christmas family games. You can read below what these are without any particular order or classification.

Overcooked: all you can eat (2020 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)

Number of local players: four max

At Christmas, people love to cook (sometimes more, sometimes less) lavishly, so why not cook virtually? At least in Overcooked: All You Can Eat’s campaign, which connects Overcooked and Overcooked 2, good teamwork is important. Especially for this new version, the first part has been processed again in the second part engine.

Whatever the case, you must work together to chop, cook, and assemble the ingredients into the right meals in order to deliver them to waiting customers within the required time limit. Lots of fun, which sometimes may not be as easy as it seems. There are a lot of levels to complete and all DLC for both games are included. Great fun and one of my couch co-op favorites!

interest? for computers there Overcooked: All you can eat is steamedfor Xbox in Microsoft Storefor PlayStation in Playstation Store And for Nintendo Switch V Electronic shop.

Cooking together can be messy sometimes.

Mario Party Superstars (2021-Nintendo Switch)

Number of local players: four max

If you’ve played Mario Party before, you’ll feel right at home at Mario Party Superstars, which features five gamepads from the Nintendo 64 era and 100 Mario Party minigames from over the years, updated and revamped for this one. The result is a great party game for four players.

They go in rhythm until you steal a star from someone else sitting next to you. Then caution is required. Hunt for coins and stars with Mario, Yoshi and Co. It’s so much fun and it all seems so magical. A great party game for the whole family on Nintendo Switch.

interest? For the Nintendo Switch out there Mario Party Superstars in the online store.

A true classic game to play together.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (2021-Nintendo Switch)

Number of local players: A maximum of four on one console, and eight on two consoles

In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, fierce combat takes place across multiple racetracks, where you don’t just race famous characters from the Super Mario universe in go-karts and motorcycles and slam items into your face. The tide can turn quickly in Nintendo’s popular racing game, so make sure you always have a good item on hand to fend off attacks.

At the same time, it is useful to open your eyes because there are various shortcuts that can be discovered on the roads or exploited with the items. In certain cases, this can give you a decisive advantage. In any case, a Mario Kart tour is always possible, and players of all ages will quickly find their way here.

interest? For the Nintendo Switch out there Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in the online store.

Warning: friendships can end here.

Rapids: Party of Legends (2022 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)

Number of local players: four max

Ubisoft’s Rabbids are back with their very own party game. You accompany crazy rabbits on a journey through Chinese culture, in total more than 50 different mini-games are waiting for you here. On the one hand, you can play in story mode, but you can also create your own playlists with your favorite mini-games.

Additionally, the difficulty level can also be adjusted and the controls remain relatively simple. Add to that the typical Rabbids humor, and get ready for some amusing moments and quirky characters. A good alternative for you, for example, if you already know Nintendo’s indoor party games by heart.

interest? For xbox there Rabbids: Party of Legends on the Microsoft Storefor PlayStation in Playstation Store And for Nintendo Switch V Electronic shop.

The Return of the Rapids.

Just Dance 2023 (2022 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)

Number of local players: six max

If you still want to dance after the fancy Christmas feast, you can do so with Just Dance 2023. Also for the first time this year with online mode, but the real fun is offline with many people in front of one screen. Here everyone can test their skills as a dancer.

You can choose from many well known songs and the list will keep growing over time. If you fail this year, you can plan revenge with new songs for the next meeting. In the end, it’s all about performing the best moves and performing the dances as accurately as possible. But of course the focus is also on having fun, because everyone (not just here) has to have that while dancing.

interest? For xbox there Just Dance 2023 Microsoft Storefor PlayStation in Playstation Store And for Nintendo Switch V Electronic shop.

After Christmas dinner, dance round.

1-2 switch (2017-Nintendo Switch)

Number of local players: two max

1-2-Switch is not directly about observing the screen, but your opponent. You complete different games against each other, playing the Joy-Cons’ HD vibrations and their motion sensors, among other things. Maximum two players doesn’t sound like much, but it’s also amusing for the viewers and you can take turns.

You can also form teams and then take turns in team duels in different games. The winning team always moves a little further on the game board. This creates tension, especially when teams are close together and every game can ultimately be decisive.

interest? For the Nintendo Switch out there 1-2 switch in the eShop.

Two are playing, and the rest are just enjoying watching.

Big Brain Academy: Face to Face (2021-Nintendo Switch)

Number of local players: four max

Don’t feel like dancing or karting or anything like that? Then exercise your gray cells together! Big Brain Academy: Head to Head has many different missions that will test your skills and speed. This is how you finally know which of your relatives has more brain value. Sounds fun right? You probably already know some of them already, but I don’t want to be mean…

What should you do? Well, among other things, spotting an animal in a very blurry image at first, but getting clearer. Elsewhere you build characters you have to drive a train to its destination or destroy blocks. There are a lot of different missions that will put you to the test. You can also unlock some attractive costumes for your characters.

interest? For the Nintendo Switch out there Big Brain Academy: Face to Face in the eShop.

Put your skills to the test.

Minecraft Dungeons (2020 – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)

Number of local players: four max

You can also play Minecraft from a different perspective, i.e. from the above diagonal perspective according to Diablo style! Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon crawler where you fight your way through many areas, leveling up your character and collecting new loot to improve them. Then only to defeat more serious opponents.

Together and with teamwork it is much more fun, especially since you can coordinate with each other right in front of the screen. Since the release, several expansions have been added that greatly expand the game world, available levels, and collectible equipment. If you’re looking for a family-friendly dungeon crawler, you’ll find it here.

interest? for computers there Minecraft Dungeons on Steamfor Xbox in Microsoft Storefor PlayStation in Playstation Store And for Nintendo Switch V Electronic shop.

Experience blocky, Diablo-style adventures together.

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