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Bernerin steals from conviction upon self-exit

Bernerin steals from conviction upon self-exit

Swiss self-propelled counters are being stolen over and over again. The thief justifies the theft – this is what Migros responds to.

The basics in brief

  • Migros are always robbed: serial criminals have recently been exposed.
  • A Bernese woman has also been caught stealing with conviction, she explains.
  • Migros counters that profits also flow to progress.

Self-pay is too tempting for some: at Migros, for example, customers keep taking something with them. Until the last two people In Aargau they were arrested and fined. That’s right, most people think.

But not Bernerin Jana* (21): She’s openly admitted that she did supermarket stealing from time to time — and out of conviction, she tells

Her questionable point of view: “In my opinion, you can steal from companies that make big profits.” As examples you cite Migros, barnAnd the LidlAnd the ALDIand Otto and dinars. They also rob stores that “unfairly pay” employees.

Migros opposes “Robin Hood” logic

Migros knows how to counter this argument: “Even if moral position Something reminiscent of Robin Hood, the lady makes a mistake: Migros is not a listed company,” explains spokesperson Patrick Stober when asked by

This means: “The profits made by Migros go back to the company.” This could be used, for example, to invest in the development of plant-based meat alternatives. However, the profits also make it possible to purchase environmentally friendly hydrogen-powered trucks.

“Culture percentage is also based on Migros sales.” This would make concerts for a wide audience possible. “You see: these are all things that serve our customers, our community, and environment represents,” says Stober.

Repeat offenders face imprisonment

Jana was recently chatting barn Theft of goods was caught in one box. “I had to be 50 years old Francs Pay, personalized data was registered. If I get caught stealing again within the next four years, it will be 100 Francs. I have a criminal record.”

In the future, she will no longer steal from Coop – this is understandable, because: “In criminal proceedings, depending on the amount of crime and actions, she had to expect a conviction for theft or misuse of the data processing system.” This is explained by legal expert Martin Steiger at .

Should Migros thieves be reported?

If the amount of the violation is less than 300 Francs The penalty will be a fine of up to 100 . Francs. According to Steiger, a conditional prison sentence would also be possible.

Not every thief is punished

What Jana also complains about: She knows others who have been arrested as well, but the consequences were different. is also aware of cases that retailers Sometimes more, sometimes less accommodating.

There is, for example, a Migros customer who buys a three-digit amount but does not accidentally clear a bag of chips. She is no longer allowed to shop for a self-scanning device.

On the other hand, there are many cases where only the fibers are required to clear the remainder upon self-exit.

On request, neither Cope nor Migros explains why this happened. “But the rule of thumb is: If the product isn’t checked, Migros assumes it was wrong.”

*Name changed

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