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Berner "bought" a wedding with her for 80 thousand francs

Berner “bought” a wedding with her for 80 thousand francs

A Bernese fan of Beatrice Egli has fallen into a lousy internet scam. The 60-year-old paid 80,000 francs to marry her.

The basics in brief

  • Scammers use Beatrice Eagley to steal money from fans.
  • Hanspeter S. From the Bernese Oberland paid 80,000 francs to the fraudsters.
  • He wanted to help the singer with this.

is she love Who is pop singer Beatrice Egli (33) for sale?

Hanspeter S. (60) from Bernese Oberland He is a super Egli fan. Although he doesn’t know the musician personally, he believes he found his soul mate in her: “I love Beatrice,” he explains to Bild. “I wish we could be a couple. Your wonderful voice touches me, I took it in my heart.”

In March 2021, it looked as if Hanspeter’s greatest dream would come true. Beatrice Egli called the former baker on the Internet platform Hangouts.

He recalls: “She wrote me beautiful words and that she was in need. Her management was bullying her, and they wouldn’t pay her any fees. If I were to help her, we could meet. Even a wedding is possible.”

The profile picture with which Beatrice Egli smiled instantly convinced the 60-year-old. Nor did he suspect that he should transfer the money to Samantha Therese Pauline Hedington in Australia.

Transfer 80 thousand francs to the supposed Beatrice! The fan explains, “I wanted to help. Now my savings are gone.”

Beatrice Egli: ‘Someone wanted to book a church’

Bernese’s team fell victim to a gang of scammers who lured Egli fans into a trap at “Hangouts”. As the 33-year-old confirmed to the newspaper, this is not the only fraud case in which her name has been misused.

Six other cases dem Ex- «DSDS» -Star a favour. Scammers collected up to 12,000 francs here.

Beatrice Egli: “Many fans came to my parents’ butcher shop in my hometown of Favicon, he told me Mother of my alleged need. I have enlightened them. Even the priest answered because an unknown man wanted to reserve the church for the wedding.”

“Loyalty to my music (…) is the most precious thing and no one on earth should prove it to me with money”, so The 33-year-old.

Have you already been contacted by Beatrice Egli?

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